UnCaged Paws

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the “Uncaged Paws” Prison Training Program at the Roswell Correctional Facilities.

Through this initiative, incarcerated individuals gain valuable skills in training dogs rescued from rural kill shelters, offering these animals a chance at a better life. Utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, this program facilitates the rehabilitation of both the dogs and the inmates.

The inmates will provide round-the-clock care for the dogs, imparting essential manners and behaviors. These dogs will undergo an intensive 8-week obedience training course, significantly enhancing their suitability for adoption.

This program extends its benefits not only to shelters like the Roswell Animal Shelter in rural New Mexico but also to the inmates, aiding their preparation for reintegration into society. We are delighted to introduce Rebecca Porte as our program director, further enhancing our enthusiasm for this endeavor.

We have 7 dogs in the program that were rescued from the shelter. They are Annie Oakly, Miss Kitty, Thorny Rose, Pearl, Bell Star, Beth Dutton, and Calamity Jane.

You can follow the program by visiting our Uncaged Paws Facebook page!   Just like and follow and let’s change lives together.

Some photos of our first graduating class!
We are honored to introduce you to Boone, Sawyer, Buddy, Pepper, and Woody.

All dogs must be fully vetted before they can enter the program! If you would like to sponsor one of our Uncaged dogs you can donate at any of the links below
PayPal: PayPal.me/BigMutts
Venmo: @TBMNUncagedPaws
Zelle: 815-673-8145
Cash App: $bigmuttnetworkinc