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  • We were a foster failure with Mr Malcom. Arriving to our home as a skinny timid pup, in May of 2021, he very quickly stole our hearts and became a big part of our family. He loves to snuggle in bed with us and watch TV , he’s the protector of our home and loves his treats.

  • Look at this boy! He is up to 70lbs….Can we say Buff…

    Chance(formerly Razor)

  • Sampson is an amazing dog. We love him so much. His goofball personality keeps us laughing. He is a big lap dog coming it at 113lbs. Vet said he is very healthy, friendly and an amazing big boy. He gets spoiled with morning and afternoon walks. Goes to the dog park 5 days a week and has met so many friends he now has play dates.


  • We’ve had Rosco for 3 weeks. He is such a sweet and smart boy. We did his DNA test done. He is 51% Boxer; no mastiff anywhere. He fooled us all.

    Rosco (aka Zoltar)

  • We are so grateful to Big Mutt. We brought home Sadie in May 2021 and Delilah in September 2022. They are the best of sisters. We didn’t realize how much our Sadie needed a sibling till we fostered Delilah. Sadie made the decision to adopt her before we did. Both have been the best addition to our family. We love spoiling them every day. Thank you Big Mutt!

    Sadie & Delilah

  • From Tigger:

    This house is busy, the hoomans do walk, cook and things (just things) a lot!

    The meals and snacks are awesome! I clean my bowl every time! Greasy meats, fruits and veggies! Aces, my house brother doesn’t like peanut butter so foster dad and I get it all!

    Love the walks and truck rides! Played in a parking lot last Friday that smelled like big dogs! Hoomans called them horses, my brother pulled worse on the harness than I did. ? They say we have a lot of practicing to do!

    I don’t like the work week, but foster dad takes lots of breaks during the day for snacks, going outside and a day walk if he is stressed, how cool is that!! Everyday after work I get so excited I leap and jump, I am working on it, but this is fun!

    I am still trying to figure out all the kitties here, I think foster mom is right, foster dad just keeps bringing them in! I am trying to learn how to “cat” from one of my foster brothers, Skeeter. He says I am doing good!

    I’ll check in later!
    Tiggs ??


  • Bruno was an untrained, curious, nutball of a 10 month old Anatolian Shepherd mix when he bounded into our lives. As wild as he is, we love him to death. He’s livened up our household and brought puppy joy to our 8 year old Lab!


  • We welcomed Bear to our family a few weeks ago. He’s the perfect addition to our family. He’s a little love bug and has kept his big sister Bella on her toes. Thank you TBMN for all you do


  • We’ve done it again. We are 2/2 in the foster fail game!! We started fostering Ms. Lollipop 2 weeks ago and she has fit right into the family. We made it official yesterday. She has a calm nature to her, which has helped settle our Sadie down quite a bit. They are constantly playing, chasing and being fools. I’ve stopped trying to pick up all the toys. We are so grateful to The Big Mutt Network for bringing them both into our lives and trusting us to foster.

    Ms. Lollipop