Who We Are

The Big Mutt Network is a rescue organization that specializes in finding homes for giant breed dogs. As a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization, our dedicated team is committed to helping shelter, abandoned, and owner-surrendered dogs. We provide a safe, home-based foster environment for all of our dogs, allowing them to relax, recuperate, and learn how to be well-behaved pets in a normal home setting. At TBMN, we take pride in being a part of the giant breed rescue community, and our mission is to make a difference in the lives of over a thousand dogs every year.

Executive Director – Stephanie Campbell
Director – Sonja Diaz
Treasurer – Sarah Charter
Secretary – Denise Sides
Officers – Kaylee Hui, Jillian Klosowski, Norma Orlando-Encinas
Southwest Regional Coordinator – Tiffany Madrid

Our Mission

The mission of the Big Mutt Network is to offer nurturing, solace, and empathy to Giant Breed Dogs facing adversity. Through active involvement and education within our community, we strive to contribute to the resolution of homelessness and the unnecessary hardships endured by these kind-hearted colossal companions.

Executive Director/ Founder

Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie Campbell is an animal lover and dedicated animal rescuer who founded The Big Mutt Network in 2019, driven by her passion for large and giant breed dogs. After rescuing an emaciated English Mastiff, Stephanie developed a deep connection with the breed. She later fostered and ultimately adopted a pair of Great Danes. Through this experience, Stephanie became acutely aware of the obstacles that owners and shelters face when finding homes for these gentle giants. She was inspired to do her part to make a difference. As a result, The Big Mutt Network was created to provide more resources and better opportunities for these amazing dogs.